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Role of Parents / Guardians
Education of children is the joint responsibility of parents, guardians and the institutions. A close liaison between the parents and the institution will go a long way in reaping maximum educational benefits by the children. The parents are also requested to contribute in achieving the highest standards of personality development of our students.

For this purpose, the following points are laid down specifically for the parents/guardians:

a)  As far as possible the parents/guardians should keep in touch with the institution so as to keep abreast of perforamance of their children in academics and other activities.

b)  They are to cooperate with the institution in matters regarding discipline, uniform, attendance, punctuality and general behaviour of their children.

c)  They are to abide by the policies and regulations of the institution in respect of discipline, educational matters, promotions/detentions and send-up tests for the Board examinations.
d)  They are to make complaints, if any, direct to the Principal and not to the teacher concerned.

e)  They are to provide a congenial atmosphere to their children at home for their studies and ensure that their children do their homework regularly.
f)  They are to read and sign any notice and written warning sent or intimated to them by the institution.

g)  They are to ensure timely payment of school dues.

h)  They are to apply in writing for withdrawal of their children from the institution.

i)  They are to manage to bring their children five minutes before assembly timings.
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